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Traveling Companions

We met the Dixons half-way through our trip.  We had dinner together at a local restaurant in Chang Mai, Thailand.  We pushed several formica tables together and gathered enough plastic chairs to seat us all.  We ate traditional Chiang Mai … Continue reading

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Nine Nice Little Things in Siem Reap: a List

1. The bats in Siem Reap: In the Royal Gardens across from the Royal Residence live a colony of flying foxes.  They’re huge.  When they’re sleeping during the day they look like hanging fruit.  We went one evening to watch … Continue reading

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Medical Miracle

I’d never seen anything like it.  A two to three month baby came into the ER dying.  He was limp, struggling to breath, gasping for air.  His liver was enlarged, his heart was beating fast, he was pale and mottled. … Continue reading

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K’bal Spean

The Khmer Empire is known for its carvings in sandstone seen in the temples such as Angkor Wat.   They were carved along temple walls or on lintles over massive doors.  They depict major scenes in the Hindu script or … Continue reading

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Picnic in a War Zone

  Preah Vihear is an ancient Khmer temple on the border with Thailand. It was built high on a hilltop in the ninth century near the beginning of the Khmer empire.  It took us about five hours of travel to … Continue reading

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Working in Cambodia

I knew better.  I had read the books on Cambodian culture.  I knew how I was supposed to behave while working in there.  For example, from the book Culture Smart: Cambodia: Any difference of opinion or any criticism must be conveyed … Continue reading

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Life Lessons

Across the Siem Reap River from our apartment is a temple.  We see it from our balcony.  It’s a classic Cambodian Buddhist temple with lots of gables, peaks, and pointy serpents on the corners of the red tiled roofs.  We … Continue reading

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