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One Year Later

We came home a year ago.  It hasn’t been an easy year.  It actually was harder than our year of travel.  Many things had changed by the time we got home.  The stressors in our lives had increased.  Cat began middle … Continue reading

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When we started our trip Bill and I were determined not to buy souvenirs.  We spent a lot of time before we left clearing our home of junk.  We had no desire to refill it with stuff of little meaning … Continue reading

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One of the big things that has changed now that we’re home is how much time we spend driving.  Bill and I are not happy about it.  Granted we don’t drive much.  We tend to bike to work and school. … Continue reading

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Hair Cuts

The day before we left for this trip I went to get my haircut.  I wanted to donate my ponytail.  I’d done this several times before.  It’s a really easy way to do good by somebody; the hair pretty much … Continue reading

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9 Reasons to Visit Turkey

1. Beautiful views:  From the blue, salty Mediterranean to the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia to the ancient buildings of Istanbul, Turkey is full of amazing scenery. 2.  Delicious food:  I think I’ve already blogged about this.  Our last night eating … Continue reading

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We spent the entire month of Ramadan in Turkey. The Turks call the holy month Ramazan. We did not visit the more conservative areas of Turkey so beyond some foods unique to Ramazan we didn’t really notice the holiday. None of our … Continue reading

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I’ve been reading Classic Myths to Read Aloud by William F Russell to the kids.  We were intrigued when we read the story of Bellerophon while we were in southwestern Turkey. Bellerophon freed the world of the Chimera, that horrible fire … Continue reading

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Nazik, Adalet, and Turkish Hospitality

Our friend Yusuf ‘s mother, Adalet, lives in Kaş in southern Turkey. We spent three weeks with her.  Adalet lives in the main house in the winter. In the summer she moves into a cabin in the back; her guests … Continue reading

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