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First Stop

In two days we fly to Italy.  We begin our trip in a little town called Bagnolo in Piano.  It’s in the Po valley, the farm belt of Italy, just north of Reggio.  My brother calls it the Iowa of … Continue reading

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The Itinerary Part 1

Everyone asks where we’re going.  The answer is, we’re not really sure.  The rough plan is Europe, Africa, India, SE Asia, and Central America.   We’re trying to leave the schedule a bit open to be able to follow what inspires us. We do have some … Continue reading

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One of the reasons we’re taking this trip

3 things I learned while my plane crashed: Ric Elias on We don’t want to have to learn this lesson the way he did.  Grab some tissues before you watch this.

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Jumping In

This is it.  In three weeks my family of four gets on plane to Italy.  We’re going for it.  We have the plane tickets through to Nairobi.  From there we plan on going to India, SE Asia, and maybe Central America.  We’re really doing it.  We’re … Continue reading

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