Medical Miracle

I’d never seen anything like it.  A two to three month baby came into the ER dying.  He was limp, struggling to breath, gasping for air.  His liver was enlarged, his heart was beating fast, he was pale and mottled.  He was in florid heart failure.  The Cambodian doctors has seen it many times before.  They gave him a shot.  Within one hour, his breathing was easy, his color had returned, his heart rate was normal, and his liver size was almost normal.  The shot was thiamine, vitamin B1.  The child had beri beri.  He almost died.  The cure was simple and incredibly fast.  I have never seen a child go from critically ill, at death’s door, to almost well within an hour.  It was like magic.  The closest thing to a magic wand I’ve ever seen in medicine.


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