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When we started our trip Bill and I were determined not to buy souvenirs.  We spent a lot of time before we left clearing our home of junk.  We had no desire to refill it with stuff of little meaning … Continue reading

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The Beauty That Is India

Our family went to the movies this summer to watch The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.  We had a good time.  Some of our friends didn’t like the movie.  It was full of stereotypes.  But as I saw it these were … Continue reading

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The Chaos That Is India

We arrived in India a year ago now.   Our visit there had a huge impact on all of us.  We had a lot of great experiences there.  Diwali and the jagran, ashrams and Kathakali.  We made friends at the orphanage … Continue reading

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One of the big things that has changed now that we’re home is how much time we spend driving.  Bill and I are not happy about it.  Granted we don’t drive much.  We tend to bike to work and school. … Continue reading

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Hair Cuts

The day before we left for this trip I went to get my haircut.  I wanted to donate my ponytail.  I’d done this several times before.  It’s a really easy way to do good by somebody; the hair pretty much … Continue reading

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Field Hockey

I spent some of my time this last year doubting myself.  Was this trip the right thing to do?  What about the kids and their education?  What about the money?  Am I getting everything I want out of it?  Are … Continue reading

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Just before we arrived in the southern Indian state of Kerala I finished reading the book The God of Small Things.  From this story I learned about Kathakali, a form of dance-drama based on the ancient Indian stories of Rama and … Continue reading

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The Jagran

Less than a kilometer away from Sri Ram Ashram is a small village, Shampyur.  It is so quiet compared with the big city, Haridwar, six kilometers away.  But one night the quiet was disturbed.  A family in the village hosted … Continue reading

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Sri Ram Ashram

I always thought an ashram would be full of austere gurus meditating for hours with their students then moving into yoga poses for the next several hours all while fasting on thinned cow’s milk.  The word ashram, however, means home … Continue reading

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We’re staying at an orphanage in northern India. For me the word orphanage always brings up images of dirty, unkept, unloved, and malnourished children.  A place where children are begging for attention and scraps with caretakers who only give them chores. … Continue reading

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